Singer – Ms Mavy

Ms Mavy is a female artist from Guadeloupe and Cameroonian born in Reims ( France ) , and is also a student in pharmacy.
From the age of 5 , she practices the flute , dance and shows a strong interest in music and books. She also learns to read this one and the early highly isolated from other
To fight against this isolation , his mother joined a troop of African dance with which she made her first scenes in the Champagne Ardennes ( France ) . Due to the career of his father, his family returned to live in Guadeloupe and moved into the
municipality of Baie- Mahault . Mavy quickly adapts to her new environment because it spends a month of vacation per year from the age of six months. It is with pleasure that she found full-time his maternal grandmother , uncles, aunts, cousins ​​and discover the neighborhoods of background Laugier and Morne Jolivière
which is from his mother’s family .
For practical reasons , it is near and educated is interested in
contact his comrades to local dance hall hits the young Admiral T, the group GENEZIS and music of the legendary group Akiyo . This is also the first time she freestyles during recess . She appreciates locally especially Kassav groups Volt face , Jean Michel Rotin , Fuckly …
Passionate about music, she invites her parents to learn the piano (classical and jazz) , Ka and later singing. She spends long hours listening to various international artists including Toni Braxton, Aaliyah , Ginuwine , Michael Jackson , Whitney Houston, Tupac …
She discovered thanks to his parents Brel, Brassens, Bob Marley, Manu Dibango , Fela kuti … which helps to build him an eclectic musical culture.
At the age of 11 , she played one of his compositions at the annual hearing pupils Arts Centre Pointe à Pitre . Therefore she participated in several piano competitions and was a finalist in 2003 competition
International Piano Paris . The positive reaction of the public gives confidence , she decided to persevere and only began his first recordings .
In high school , she joined an underground group of young Baie- Mahault that make dance hall and hip hop. There she stands out for its creativity, voluntary side , rebel and technical knowledge in the field of sound.
She obtained her tray and went to live only 17 years in Bordeaux. On his return to Guadeloupe from 2008 she participated in several local projects and Paris .
In 2010 after a maxi, she released ” mixtape bugatti ” with songs in Creole, French and English. This underground mixtape to discover a wider audience. She decided to pursue her musical journey alone , perfect and works with the Jamaican singer Stein on a composition of young SHJ ( composer Benin and Martinique origin). This duo is rather well received in the Caribbean and New
york .
In 2011 she released the mixtape ” Heart of Champion ” and gradually withdrew from under the stage to prepare for his first commercial album. It is approached by several independent labels on Paris but what is proposed is not suitable for the musical direction she wants to take .
Ms Mavy starts a true work of introspection and a return to what it calls ” its basics” . it
created with relatives in June 2012 the independent label ENM ( eighty nine music) .
It therefore promises music closer to the young woman she has become , authentic, always
” contrarian ” and anxious to progress musically .