Singer – Elzo JamDong

From poetry to hip hop, Elzo is a 26-year-old “urban artist” (as he calls himself) from Dakar, Senegal. Born in the late 80’s so he’s part of the multi-tasky “Y generation”( “I’m lucky I was born around that time because it made me witness the development of Hip hop music in Africa during the late 90’s.

After completing high school, he’s been living in France for 8 years where he founded his current group named Jamdong (only peace in wolof) with 5 childhood friends (4 MC’s and a beatmaker). “We consider our music as way of enjoying our freedom of speech. As we’re all from Africa we manage to share international positive messages by mixing rap and reggae”.Jamdong crew released 2 mixtapes which have been recognized as a very good work by writers and music critics.

Elzo earned my Master’s degree in International Negotiation & Trade in 2013 and released his first solo free album (untitled FREEDOPE) in December 2013.